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Sunday Skin Care

I love a face mask on a Sunday - I also like to multi mask as my skin is combination. I find a clay based one for my nose and chin and a more hydrating mask for forehead and cheeks, with a lifting one for the neck area is the best mix for me; two of my favourite must haves are;

*Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask

 Dr Jart Dermask Water Jet Soothing Hydra Solution Happy Sunday 💄💄💄

Where has unique beauty gone?

So one of my key aims for my business is to encourage people to feel beautiful in their own skin.

So many clients come to me with a set idea of what is ‘beautiful’ and they also have many reasons why they feel that they themselves don’t fit this ideal.

With instagram being so influential we are becoming blind to what makes faces unique and individually beautiful. Suddenly girls and women I get are being so hard on themselves....’my lips aren’t big enough’, ‘I don’t have cheekbones’, ‘I hate my dark eyes’ etc etc etc

I find this quite sad - we should be enhancing what we have and enjoying what we like about our facial features instead of beating ourselves up for not fitting the ‘filtered instagram’ mould. Make up is a powerful tool to give confidence in ourselves - when tailored to each individual it can bring out the best in us. Don’t follow the trend for one look fits all..... stay you xxx



Skincare has a new powerhouse

Category: Antioxidant

Best time to use: As needed to improve the appearance of pore size, or once daily to balance oily skin

What it does: Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B. Great for inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea and acne it addresses signs of aging (it is an antioxidant, after all), by softening fine lines, and reducing any hyperpigmentation and sallowness.

Like zinc, it reduces inflammation—particularly acne and rosacea-induced irritation, and it also balances the amount of oil your skin will produce. If you’ve got oily skin in particular, niacinamide is equipped to regulate (and slow down) how much oil your skin generates. And with skin that’s less oily, pores appear smaller. It’s a win-win all around.


Contouring made simple for your face shape

Tuesday Top 3:

This week its pore perfecting primers!

My Top products for smoothing open pores and making your make up apply and appear smoother;

1. Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion Primer £24 - my number one for creating a smooth canvas prior to make up application. It’s a thick formula which is worked into the skin. Fantastic for large pores, it also minimises the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Gives a ‘porcelain’ appearance to skin whilst also nourishing it with ingredients such as vitamin e and rosehip.

2. Benefit Porefessional £28 - an award winning product this one does exactly what it claims to ‘minimises the appearance of pores’. It is oil free and also provides skin with a dose of vitamin e. Prolongs make up wear and gives a smooth finish to skin. It is slightly thinner in texture than the urban decay version and had a velvet like texture.

3. Revolution Pro Pore Primer £7 - the budget option this offers many of the benefits of the pricier two offerings; pore minimising, skin smoothing and wrinkle diffusing. It’s a lightweight cream-gel formula. I often recommend this primer but if a client has very open or large pores I would tend to point them in the direction of the pricier alternatives purely due to the thicker formulas. A good all round bargain choice though 👍🏻



This little beauty is a must have for anyone with sensitive skin or eyes, and those who want a product that quickly removes all make up including eye make up in one step. It leaves the skin feeling super soft and refreshed. If you wear a lot of make up I would combine this with a Muslin cloth or flannel to gently buff away product and exfoliate at the same time. It’s also a really affordable cleanser retailing at around £9 for 100ml 💋💄👍🏻


Tuesday Top 3

Long-Wear Foundations ....

Generally these long wear formulas works great on normal to oily skin; if your on the dry side you may benefit from a more luminous moisturising base.

1. Estée Lauder Double Wear; this cult product is the ultimate in staying power! A fantastic foundation - slightly dry for some people but in general a good choice for most people (try mixing with a drop of luminous primer for a more natural finish)

2. Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation; this one is popular due to its waterproof and sweat proof properties so good for a big night out! It gives a flawless completely matte finish. It’s highly pigmented so no need to layer to get full coverage. It’s also oil free.

3. Mac Studio Fix Liquid Foundation; the company claim it has 24 hour staying power. It has a matte finish with medium to full buildable coverage. It’s oil free and also sweat and humidity resistant.

Must Have! £5 Concealer !!!

So can we just discuss the excellent ...

ELF Camo 16 hour wear concealer

.... this stuff is pure genius! And more importantly for those of us on a budget it costs just £5!!! I have no idea how the price point is so low because wow! And I mean wow! Now I’m a huge advocate of Nars and Charlotte Tilbury for under eye concealing as I feel they produce the least creasing and have the longest wear. Then I can across this beauty and my purse is celebrating! It is the perfect formula for high cover, smooth, crease resistant concealing. It has a large doe foot applicator which means it’s great for multi use (highlighting or contouring depending on shade selection) and it has a beautiful semi matte finish reducing the need to set with powder for either dry or mature skins. If there is a negative I would say the shade selection is a little ‘off’ - the names of the shades don’t exactly correspond to the colours. Some are so light they are almost white! So definitely go up a colour when choosing and swatch them first on your jawline to find one that will give you what you need. A true bargain and definitely worth a try - I’m off to stock up before you lot clear out Superdrug 🤣💁🏼‍♀️💄💋

Tuesday Top 3 - Bronzers

With the minimal sunshine we get most of us are seeking a sun kissed glow from our make up bags. The perfect bronzer will warm your skin, look like natural tan (no orange here!) and be simple and quick to use. There are cream and powder versions available and so many good options out there but I’ve rounded up my current top 3 ... 😘

1 . Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Make–Up Base offers blendable, velvety bronzing either beneath or on top of make-up. It’s not cheap but let’s face it - it’s Chanel 🙂 Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Make–Up Base, £40. Available at

2. Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna, £30. Available at Subtle shimmer, a warm hue and a semi-sheer, natural finish Ideal both for contouring and all-over bronzing

3. Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer, £34. Available at A great option for those with pale skin, Estée Lauder's Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer comes in a variety of shades suited to everyone, and has a subtle enough shimmer that you can use it all over your face. 1.

Foundation for Dry Skin ...

Foundations for dry skin;

Firstly let’s talk skincare - dry skin needs extra attention, moisturiser and quite often pre make up gentle exfoliation using something like Bobbi brown buffing grains to improve the texture of the skin before even thinking about make up application. After applying moisturiser make sure to leave your skin at least 10 mins to allow the product to sink into the skin and avoid it affecting the application of your base make up.

Dry skin can look patchy, uneven and aged when the incorrect make up products are used making many woman with this skin type afraid to apply it for fear of looking worse than when they started.

These products below (and they range in price from high end to budget) are some of the best for creating a smoother more hydrated finish and avoiding that ‘caked and flaked’ look;

1. Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation - this lightweight fluid melts into the skin without clinging to any lines or dry patches. It’s a cult product - pricey but worth it if you just can’t find the perfect base to give you that youthful fresh dewy glow

2. L’Oréal Paris Infallible Longwear Stick Foundation - A great budget choice this is creamy and appears to blur pores and covers blemishes well. It’s medium coverage and lasts the day fairly well; though I did need to touch up a little at around 3pm

3. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - So it’s expensive... BUT my word it’s worth it’s weight in gold this one. Feels weightless, it is liquid and feels almost like water. It’s medium coverage looks like a second skin, luminous and dewy and like your own skin but at its perfect best.

TIP: Always set your make up even when dry - I know powder can be the enemy for dry skin but use the absolute minimum - be super light handed and just dust on to ensure you get a long lasting coverage.

Why Use Facial Oils?

Why Should You Start Using Face Oils

1.They can reduce your wrinkles.

2.They're good for dry skin.

3.They really protect your skin.

4.They're the perfect primer for makeup.

5.They can shrink enlarged pores.

6. They can calm down rashes.

7. They're great for banishing spots.

My favourites are;  

Bobbi Brown Face Oil 30ml £46

The Ordinary Borage Seed Oil 30ml £9

The Ordinary Rose Hip Seed Oil 30ml £9

Tuesday Top 3 ; Lip Plumpers

Top 3 this week is all about lip plumpers! Juicier lips without the needles .... Here’s my top 3 all time faves 💗


Project Lip

Dior Lip Maximiser

Smashbox O-Plump

Retinol; the what and why ...

Retinol stimulates the production of new skin cells.

It can help to fade dark spots caused often by hyperpigmentation, hormonal changes, and blemish scars.

Retinol is a form of Vitamin A, an ingredient that promotes skin renewal and enhances collagen production (which starts to decline in your 30s). As well as helping to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, retinol can also reverse some of the side effects of sun damage.

Always apply retinol products at night, as sunlight can diminish their power. For serums, apply straight after cleansing to get the most benefit from the vitamin A and layer a moisturiser over the top if you feel you need more hydration.

Phase retinol into your routine gradually as initially it can cause skin irritation due to a large amount of vitamin a being added suddenly to your skin. Start with a low % product every other night, increasing to every night and a higher percentage once your skin has become accustomed to the product.


Tuesday Top 3; Highlighters!

We love a gorgeous glow! natural sheen or high reflect ? These are my personal fave 3;

1. Mac Creme colour base ‘hush’ £19

2. Mac mineralise skinfinish ‘soft & gentle’ (powder) £25.50

3. Charlotte Tilbury Liquid Highlighter Wand £29


Mac Creme Colour Base ‘Hush’

Mac Mineralise Skinfinish ‘Soft & Gentle’

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand

Bridal Make Up Essentials 💗

Everyone should feel at their most beautiful on their wedding day. Here are some of my bridal must haves;

 1. Primer! - Smashbox Photo Finish, Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base, and The Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer are some of my faves

2. Under Eye Corrector - because no bride wants dark circles! Becca, Bobbi Brown, and NYX get top marks from me!

3. Blusher - cream for dry skin, powder for oily- combination. Pot Rouge by Bobbi Brown, Nars, and Charlotte Tilbury have some stunning shades and blend beautifully.

4. Mascara - the jury is out on whether it needs to state ‘waterproof’ as you will find the more premium brands all tend to be fairly waterproof anyway.... faves are Benefit, Max Factor and Dior

5. A ‘great’ lipstick - by that I mean one that doesn’t dry, crack, cake or come off immediately. Some long wear ones can feel dry so have a trial run before your big day. Try a softer formula and just remember to top up during the day. I love Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown Luxe and Chanel for the most luxurious finishes.

Tuesday Top 3: Setting Sprays

Long gone are the days where we would set our make up using ‘hairspray’ 🤣

Nowadays (i sound so old!) there is a huge range of setting sprays available on the market; with brands diversifying into scented, matte, dewy and glow versions. These sprays claim to set our faces and keep the make up on longer. They are also fantastic to mix with eye shadow to bring out the pigment in metallic and sparkle/shimmer formulas. Here’s 3 of my favourites including a budget option;

1. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray £24 - the ultimate in staying power make up simply does not budge! 

2. Mac Fix Plus £19 - A close second i use this all the time and its versatile can be used in many ways and has a range of scents and finishes

3. Barry M Flawless Mist & Fix Dewy Finish Make Up Setting Spray £5 - a cheapy but a goodie! lovely fresh dewy finish, not as long lasting but for the price it is a good budget option

‘Must have’ eye make up brushes

The brushes i go back to every time;

Mac 217 & 217s - just the ultimate blending brushes for me 

Mac 239 -great for packing shadow onto the lid 

Bobbi Brown Ultra Precise Eyeliner Brush 

Zoeva 230 Pencil Brush - for precise work smoking out shadow at the lash line or defining a cut crease

Tuesday Top 3: Foundations

There are so many different foundations out there on the market, from liquids to powders, creams to sticks and all offering different benefits. Finding which one is the one for you can seem an overwhelming task. This is something I explore with clients during the 1:1 complexion perfection lesson I offer, finding the perfect formula and colour for you. Different skin types (normal, oily, dry or combination) are suited to different products. Choose the wrong one and you may feel your base slides off, goes patchy, cakey, sits in pores or draws attention to fine lines. On the other hand right the correct formula and apply it well and you should have none of these issues. Personally I have combination skin with oily t zone so will often use two different foundation formulas for the different areas of texture on my face. Therefore this weeks top 3 is quite a personal choice and you will have your own preferences however here we go with mine ....

1. Estée Lauder Double Wear stay in place make up; fail safe full cover, long lasting, oil absorbing liquid foundation. This is not so good on dry skins however it can be mixed with a little moisturiser or luminous primer such as CT Hollywood Flawless Filter. £33

2. Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation; a good al round favourite this is medium to full cover and lasts well on most skin types, wide colour range to choose from and a semi matte finish. £26

3. Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Make Up; designed to offer a balance between luminosity, weightlessness and coverage this has a Demi matte finish. Provides medium to full coverage, and blurs wrinkles and imperfections. 26 shades available. £29.50

Making the most of your cheaper eyeshadows...

A little tip thats great for increasing the impact of cheaper metallic and glitter eye shadows is to firstly spray your eyeshadow brush with a fixing/setting spray. This can make a real difference in the way the shadow appears on  the skin - it is a good way to get more from your cheaper palettes 



Tuesday Top 3 ; this week it’s lipstick ...

Tuesday Top 3! This week it’s lipstick 1. Charlotte Tilbury ‘Super Cindy’ £24 2. Bobbi Brown Crushed Lipstick ‘Angel’ £24.50 3. MUA Lipstick ‘Bare’ £1 These are my personal fave shades but the lipstick ranges have so many colours to choose from! The staying power of the pricey two can’t be beaten but at £1 the mua ones are creamy and pigmented they just need topping up more often xxx

Bargains !

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the make up revolution eye shadow palettes! £4! roughly 33p a shadow and these things are PIGMENTED ! i mean super gorgeous colours and a huge range to choose from. i have no idea how they have done it but they have and they are 👌 grab one now definitely worth a try 😍

Supermarket Moisturiser packed with hyauronic acid just £5

Seriously hydrating for plump dewy skin - scosmetics anti-wrinkle face cream from Tesco is a serious beauty steal!



This week it’s setting powders! 1. Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder - cult in the beauty industry and a staple in all MUA kits 2. Fenty Beauty Instant Retouch Setting Powder - Super Smooth Finish 3. RCMA No Colour Powder; the bargain of the bunch this has no colour so will not alter the base beneath that you are setting and it’s staying power is great for the price - if any criticism it’s not as super smoothing as the pricier two above

Charlotte Tilbury - Hollywood Flawless Filter

I love this product - its like a good nights sleep in a jar-

its versatile enough to use under foundation, mix into foundation and use over the top of the high points of the face as a soft focus highlight.

It is also gorgeous worn alone on ’no make up make up’ days 


Stila Magnificent Metals


These are absolutely amazing .... described by the company as;

’oh-so-shiny, richly saturated colour pigment that takes glossy shimmer to dizzying new heights. It has the same show-stopping texture as your best-loved liquid lipstick, which stays dazzling for several hours after application. Available in a veritable jewel box palette of shades, it’s your perfect party make up essential.’


They are not wrong! Beautiful colour options, rich pigment, eye catching sparkle ...... 

Gorgeous for a night out but equally stunning when you just need a day of feeling a little ’extra’ sparkle in your life 😍😍😍👌




Glossier - Cloud Paint ....

The awareness for this brand and in particular ’cloud paint’ blush range continues to grow. The pillowy, gel-cream formula is designed to be user friendly ’If you can finger paint, you can Cloud Paint—simply dab it onto cheeks wherever you please’ (             

The formula is sheer, yet highly pigmented and super blendable. It gibes the skin an ethereal lit from within wash of warmth. I have also used it as a natural stain on the lips. My fave shade is ’beam’ which flatters most skin tones and is a beautiful peach tone 😍

Well worth a try and at just £15  fairly purse friendly too


#glossier #makeup #cloudpaint


So the cold weather has left most of my clients (and myself included) with dry, flaky and seriously unhappy skin.

My top 3 ingredients that i always favor in my skincare products (and more so during periods of skin stress!) are;


Hylauronic Acid

Shea Butter



All 3 offer different benefits and we look into these during ’conplexion perfection’ my one to one lesson focused on your base. 




New Bobbi Brown! Crushed Liquid Lip 😍

Packed with a moisturising blend of superfruits these beauties are super pigmented, gorgeously hydrating! My personal faves are ’Juicy Date’ and ‘Hippie Shake’ but as most of you know i live for a nude lippie 🤷🏼‍♀️

BB verses CC Creams

The difference between BB and CC creams is subtle--CC generally stands for “colour correcting” and the products are meant to address issues like redness or sallowness (usually with light-diffusing particles), whereas BB (beauty balm) creams are like lighter foundation with a few skin care benefits thrown in. Both aim to attract those of us who prefer a barely there base. 

Top 3 Go-To Moisturisers!

1. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

2. Bobbi Brown Extra Repair

3. Benefit Total Moisture

Everyone is talking about Masks.... here’s some of the best and why...

Face masks are having a real moment right now. There are so many out there to choose from all offering up different benefits and boasting various price points also.

Ive rounded up some of my faves on the market along with why i like them 😘

1. Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask £38: Personally my holy grail of masks this tightens pores, clears imperfections, and softens skin. Containing spanish clay and sweet almond oil, along with bionymph peptide complex (promotes collagen and elasticity) this leavea your skin looking and feeling amazing. I am yet to find one better - suits most skin types due to its moisturising properties. 


2. Dr Jart+ Rubber Mask Hydration Lover £9.99

This two-step system includes a highly concentrated ampoule serum and a rubber mask developed to hydrate and soothe the skin for an instant pick-me-up. The hydrating rubber mask wraps the skin to prevent active ingredients from evaporating, allowing for complete penetration to visibly improve the appearance of fine lines and pores and make skin appear supple and dewy. The lipophilic and hydrophilic actives cling to moisture in the skin, while Phyto Keratin Complex - a botanical protein - provides moisturising benefits to improve water retention.


3. Seoulista Correct & Calm Instant Facial £7.99;


Made from natural ingredients, this one-step facial mask is infused with witch hazel and eucalyptus leaf to smooth and soothe problematic skins. This is a gel like mask that i love to use when my skin feels stressed, i have a breakout or im tired and in need of some skin tlc! The brand has other masks to tackle various skin issues, reasonable price point too for the results 👌


Benefits of Grapeseed Oil as an addition to your skincare

So I’ve recently added in cold pressed grapeseed oil into my skin routine; it is versatile enough to be used to remove make up, add into moisturiser and even use on your body and in your hair. It’s rich in vitamin e and omega 6 fatty acid known for their anti-aging benefits such as contributing to slowing some progression of wrinkles. It is also non-comedigenic which means it won’t clog pores; and has been said to improve the appearance of pores and acne scarring. It absorbs quickly - I have found a few drops into my night cream gives an extra boost and leaves my skin feeling super radiant in the morning. I’ve also used it with a Derma roller to give my skin a pamper once a week and I genuinely love the results so far. Subsequently it’s cheap to buy from health stores; at around £5 on average or below. Definitely worth experimenting with 💄😘💜

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